Promo-materials are rated for large-scale campaigns aimed at attracting a considerable number of potential consumers. Such souvenirs are already tailored for a specific target audience or type of the event. These can be pens, notebooks, and flash memory cards for conferences; flags and inflatable hammers for concerts; bandanas, baseball caps and balls for beach parties; or rubber bracelets and folding banners for sports events.

For new product and service activation another type of promo-materials is used, which can inspire the client to buy an unfamiliar product. It can be, for example, a set of fancily shaped bottle caps that goes together with a bottle of wine. Or it can be an electronic skipping rope, which is no way to be found in shops, as a gift for the purchase of a gym season pass. A promo-product for such campaign is to be so much appealing to the client that it leaves no doubt about the purchase.

Promo-materials, represented in the catalogue, can be easily replicated with little financial and time expenditures.