Why is it beneficial for companies to hand out gadgets as souvenirs?

11.04.2014 Do you like getting presents? Everybody does! And your potential customers also do. But it can be a big mistake to give a useless knick knack with you logo as a present – it is a waste of your promo money. Better try to get into your customers’ shoes. What wouldyou like to get as a souvenir? Chances are it would be something useful and handy. Something you can use at home and at work. Gadgets meet these requirements ideally.
Gadgets will always lead promo souvenir top charts. Recently there have appeared so many fascinating items in this category of products that the process of selecting them is in itself a very engaging experience.
And we, too, inspired by the global progress, offer you a list of the handiest gadgets that could please your customers.
A video-frame with a recording option – it is a modern way of leaving messages on the fridge. You just record a video message and fix the frame onto any metal surface with the in-built magnet. The frame has 3 buttons – even a child can handle it!
Wireless loud speakers will make anyone happy – people of any age, profession and likes. Everybody enjoys music, especially when you do not have to make an effort to listen to it. With compact wireless loud speakers music and good mood are always with you – they are connected to any device via Bluetooth and can easily fit even into a lady’s purse.
Earphone’s wires always tangle in the pocket, stick to the clothes, intertwine and hamper fitness exercises. Is this situation familiar? Why do we need this aggravation, if wireless earphones have already been invented! Being comfortable and concise, they operate within the distance of 10 meters from your phone or laptop, leaving you a clear field.
Portable rechargeable batteries are something you cannot do without in the present-day rhythm of life. The battery charge level mercilessly goes down exactly at the moment when you are expecting an important phone call. How often has this happened to you? This is a common problem for all phone owners, but tourists and business travelers face this problem more often. If your customers fall under this group, they will be delighted to get a power bank, an accumulator unit or, as it is sometimes called, an emergency charger, from you as a present.
A portable mini-keyboard will turn any gadget into an office tool. It is easily connected to a tablet computer or a Smartphone with a USB cable. You can type a text in Office Applications and messengers or you can even use it as a game pad. The keyboard is equipped with an accumulator and can easily fit into a jacket pocket.
A car holder is a popular device among car owners. Simple as everything ingenious. Fulfills two functions: fixes a phone firmly to avoid its breaking during the ride and charges it from the cigarette lighter.
UV-meter – an outfit that measures the ultraviolet intensity. You can take it with you to the beach or a sun parlour. But it also can be of service for more serious aims. For example, for carrying out public health research. Why not offer this device to agriculture companies, beauty salons and medical institutions?
A ring-shaped pace counter will be appreciated by sportsmen and by all those who take care of their health. The device is worn on a finger as a ring and does not hamper fitness exercises. It shows the exact quantity of steps made and calories burnt off, and measures the heart rate, distance covered and time consumed, into the bargain.
Also this category of products include USB flash memory cards, mini-projectors, digital photo frames, tablet PC holders, battery chargers and other wonderful electronic devices that we will be happy to mark with your company logo.
So why is it beneficial for companies to give out gadgets as souvenirs?
On the one hand, you might think that electronic devices used for advertising require much investment, but the result surpasses all expectations. This was confirmed by ActionPoint Marketing Solutions, Ltd research, according to which 66% of respondents can remember the name and are familiar with the business of the company who gave them flash memory cards or other kinds of gadgets as a present. At that 79% are ready to buy products and services of this company. And 87% of those being surveyed used the received gadget during at least a year. And it is no surprise, as giving a handy gadget and not a fragile pen or a traditional T-shirt, the company establishes relations with a potential client, and this in the end will yield its fruit.
In the end we would like to focus on the issue of quality. Evidently, the gadget quality will be associated with the brand whose logo is printed on the gadget. If a flash memory card or alco-tester, or a radio is out of order the next day, so how can the company that gave the souvenir be trusted? Besides, it is in your behalf to make a gadget serve as long as possible as it has your logo on it and thus acts as a visual advertising of your company.
All our devices undergo a thorough testing and only after that are included in the catalogue and become available for ordering. That is why we strongly recommend cooperating only with trusted suppliers.
By the way, if you wish to have a certain gadget, but have not found it in our catalogue – write to us about it and we will search the world to procure it for you. In best quality.

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