The Top of the Best Supplementary Accumulators for Smartphones.

04.04.2014 First you see 100%-20%-10%-5% and then you watch the apple sign for a few seconds – and that is it. There is a dead phone in your hand. Has this happened to you? To make your Smartphone live longer just take a supplementary accumulator along with you. We have tested the best from the list.

MiLi Power Visa Power Supply Unit
We liked MiLi Power Visa very much for its dimensions. This is the thinnest external accumulator for the iPhone available in the market at the moment. It is only 4.8 mm thick. Impressive, isn’t it? The gadget can fit into a tiny lady’s purse or a trousers pocket (be careful when having a seat). At that MiLi Power Visa copes 100% with its main task – 1200mAh battery is always ready to share its charge with the iPhone.

Solar Battery MP-S3000B
To test this accumulator for the iPhone we broke away from the office facility and indulged ourselves with a long-anticipated corporate picnic. And as soon as we heard one of our managers’ phone giving the dying battery sound warning, we immediately handed him MP-S3000B. And what do you think? The sun rays helped us revive the iPhone for a few more hours. The following tests proved MP-S3000B to be a multi-functional gadget. It can get charged from the sun and from an artificial light source as well, and even from a traditional USB.

MiLi Power Source for iPhone 5
During the testing this very accumulator proved its worth and took its place in the group of undoubtful leaders. And it is all because it does not require wire connection. You will not even have to wait for the gadget to come to life and accumulate the initial charge. It is enough to put the iPhone into the MiLi case and resume your conversation.

High Capacity Power Bank A52 Portable Accumulator
A small accumulator with battery charge indicator can be given to Apple fans without hesitating. This universal gadget will charge the iPhone, iPod or iPad. It has an increased capacity of 5200 mAh and an unusual design.

Portable Hard Disc Drive and WIDGET Accumulator
This super gadget contains, perhaps, everything a modern technology fine judge might need. A small box 260 g in size is able to urgently charge your Smartphone or laptop, save up to XX GB of information, read all types of SD-cards, provide connection to local network and become a USB-hub for 4 devices at a time. Can you already imagine the amazed look of a client when you give him this helpful gadget?
The speed modern technologies are advancing is a chance for us to keep delighting the client offering him new and amazing souvenirs. Your brand logo printed on an external power source will always be associated with safety. Do not miss your chance to order the accumulator until your Smartphone battery charge level allows you to do so!

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