The Top Fascinating Gadgets For The iPhone

09.04.2014 The iPhone is the most popular gadget in business environment. Applemania is spreading worldwide grabbing more and more adepts in its arms. We like it because we are the biggest fans of Apple products and we are at home on the market of Apple products and accessories for them.
You may be surprised, but among iPhone accessories there also are trends of their own. Following them the accessory market updates – nothing less than – twice a year! So it is better to keep both eyes open not to miss the brightest ideas of promo souvenirs. Relax – it is easy with Brox production!
We have picked the best in our opinion promo products of the latest generation for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S. But we have chosen only those that can become useful business gifts to partners and clients.
So we are glad to present our selection of gadgets to you and remind that they all can be purchased and branded with us.

Acoustic Systems
Vibro loud speakers enjoy great popularity and according to the statistics of western companies, have long become bestsellers. Their operating principle is simple – they are connected wirelessly to your iPhone and play the sound. The sound power depends on the type of the system and the surface it is found on. It is a good solution for a car, office or picnic. Besides, they are always in the foreground and so is the logo of your company.
We in Brox Production have picked out a few up-to-date models of loud speakers for the iPhone.

X-VIBE 3.0 Cylinder Vibroacoustic System
Compact, only 9 cm high, these loud speakers will become a loyal associate for any music-lover. To enjoy the full-rate sound all you have to do is to fix the acoustic system onto any surface. The dynamics will create vibrations and the surrounding objects will amplify them.

X-Pyramid PP Vibroacoustic System
X-Pyramid PP is a portable loud speaker, which is assembled from a small card box and a dynamic. Initially bare carton is your ground to be marked with your logo and coloured in your corporate colours, and also for some useful information to be put on it. The environmentally friendly acoustic system is connected to the iPhone with a cable. Enjoy your fancied songs at a comfortable volume level!
X-Sticker Vibroacoustic System
Its name speaks for itself: to enjoy the sound all you have to do is to connect the acoustic system to the iPhone and then fix it onto any surface with the help of the special sticker. Vibrations produced by the loud speaker are amplified by the surrounding objects. We have loud speakers in different bright colours and we will be glad to provide you with an amount in any of it.

Supplementary Accumulator Units.
Forget about the times when your phone insidiously died on you. Is this situation familiar? There is already a solution – a supplementary battery that you can always take along. Be sure this gadget is extremely easy to use. You just need to connect the supplementary accumulator to the iPhone and resume using it as if nothing had happened.

MiLi Power Spring Power Source
MiLi Power Spring is an accessory with two features: it serves as a supplementary accumulator and as a protective cover to shield your new iPhone from external factors. The models are tailored for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and have strict design in white and black colours.

MiLi Power Visa Power Supply Unit
It is, perhaps, the most concise accumulator for the iPhone: its thickness is only 4.8 mm, and dimensions not extending those of a credit card. It will accumulate energy within 3 hours to provide your iPhone or iPad with a 100%-charge afterwards. Quick and easy! It is not only a very convenient, but also a most trendy accessory coming in 4 colours: black, white, silver and golden.

MiLi Power Master Power Source
Mili Power Master is a tiny accumulator that is compatible with not only Apple electronic devices, but also with those of Samsung, HTC and Nokia. It is so compact that it can easily fit into your wallet. It is charged from an electric socket or a computer via USB cable. On the external cover of the accumulator there are three LED-indicators, informing you of the battery charge rate.

MiLi Power Candy Power Source
It is a yummy accumulator looking like a candy that you can use not only as a power source, but as a charging cable as well. The device consists of two parts one of which is a 2.0 USB port that can be connected to a computer. You connect the other half to the iPhone and – here you go – there is the charge! You can continue the conversation peacefully while MiLi Power Candy is charging your telephone.

Solar Battery MP-S3000B
Thanks to a portable battery MP-S3000B you can get electric power almost in any place where there is sunlight. More to it, this battery accumulates power even from an artificial light source and is able to charge not only the iPhone or iPad, but other mobile devices as well. So it can become really indispensible in any trip to the country.
Other Gadgets
iPhone Alcoholemeter
A small gadget in the form of a key-holder with a special application will enable you to test your blood alcohol level. To avoid dangerous situations on the road all you have to do is to blow into the device. Easy, convenient and useful. Any car owner will be happy to get such a present, as even many medical products contain a small amount of spirit. And with the alcoholmeter you will be able to keep the blood alcohol level within the normal limits.

Mobile Non-Cash Payment Terminal
Portable non-cash payment POS-terminal is an excellent solution for businesses practicing home delivery of goods, and also for direct cooperation with the customer on the whole. It is all very easy: a special application is installed in the iPhone, and a small card-reader is connected via the earphone port – and the Smartphone is ready to receive payments.
Wireless Mini Keyboard
With an ultrathin keyboard for the iPhone and iPad your office is always with you! Wherever you are – at home, in a café or on a park bench – you will always be able to type a text quickly and easily, to make a presentation or just to operate your gadget using the classical keyboard. This stylish accessory can easily fit into a pocket and can become the best assistant for an Apple product fan. Projector
A minute projector compatible with all generations of iPhones and iPads will help make any presentation unforgettable! It is not only this – with this gadget a personal cinema is always with you! Just load a video or a presentation into a Smartphone or a tablet computer, turn on the projector – and an image will appear on any light-coloured surface. As you can see the choice of presents is vast. Turn to us and we will be happy to provide your company with interesting and unusual accessories for the iPhone.

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