Instead of Ice Cubes…

06.04.2014 What present can be of service at home, at work or a party? Easy to decide! We have picked out the best items of such promo souvenirs and organized an out-of-schedule office party to test them.

We decided to focus on products for chilling drinks.
We decided to start with wine. We tested the chilling icicle. It has a very practical feature. It is enough to keep it in the fridge for a while to let the gel freeze and then put it into the bottle neck. In a few minutes you get chilled wine with a wonderful bouquet and excellent taste.
For champagne we have chosen a chilling case with gel filling agent. The case was put in the fridge half an hour before the party and 5 minutes after we had placed the bottle into it, the champagne was ideal temperature. As the gel gets warm rather slowly, the champagne stayed cool during the whole evening.
Chilling stones for drinks will become another interesting promo gift. Initially they were devised for strong spirits. Such as whiskey. The usual ice melts and spoils the taste. The chilling stones have a different effect: they are cooled down in a freezer, they do not absorb smells, do not melt and keep the temperature at a desired level. You are guaranteed the classical taste and the right temperature of the drink.
And yet this is not everything! These magical stones have a reverse effect as well. If they are warmed up in a microwave oven and put into tea or coffee, the drink will surely stay the desired temperature for long.
Evidently, we could not leave out the usual ice. But we used a creative approach for its making. We used a novelty among chilling products – Japanese moulds for ice making. The idea is that they transform an ordinary shapeless bulk of ice into an ideal ball which is just a little smaller than the glass diameter. That can surprise your party guests. We were surprised.
For mull wine lovers we purchased thermo sleeves – and do you know what? The mull wine made in the day kept its warmth in this sleeve till the evening!
We test each product we get hold of before we deem it worthy becoming your promo present. So you can be sure about the quality and unfailing performance of souvenirs we offer as they have all been quality tested and approved.
All the tested chilling products can become wonderful souvenirs at a corporate party or nice gifts in a promo action.
And do not forget that they will be decorated with your company logo. Perhaps it is the best present to be given before a holiday as party drinks and morning coffee are associated with positive emotions. Let them be associated with the name of your company as well!

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