How to make music louder?

05.04.2014 Being music lovers we fancy presents connected with music. External loud speakers is an ideal souvenir for those who like working and relaxing to music. In-built laptop loud speakers and Smartphone dynamics do not allow enjoying full rate musical sounding. But with an external loud speaker you can delight yourself and other people with new hit songs of the fancied bands.
We warned our co-workers about the coming quality testing of loud speakers in advance. You would rather inquire about your colleagues’ musical tastes before turning on your favourite songs at top volume.
We do not insist on a particular mode of signal transmitting, be it Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi technology. What counts is the sound quality and design ingenuity.

X-VIBE 3.0 Cylinder Vibroacoustic System
Having taken X-VIBE 3.0 in hands for the first time we could only guess that this small loud speaker could produce such a powerful sound. It is all about its unique quality: you just literally stick X-VIBE 3.0 to any surface and connect it to a sound source. The vibro loudspeaker will use the surface as a resonator and produce an impressive sound.

X-Pyramid PP Vibroacoustic System
Having tested X-Pyramid PP we concluded that it is an ideal loud speaker for those who value order in their work place. X-Pyramid PP occupies very little space and ideally fits into any working environment. Just connect it to any sound source and enjoy your beloved songs at a comfortable sound level. This loud speaker has another advantage as a souvenir – the cardboard sheet it is made of is your full scale advertising ground.

X-PAD Loud Speakers
X-PAD is another magical box ready to fill your house or office with beloved musical hits. X-PAD loudspeaker seemed interesting to us because of its special holder which allows setting it on the desk or hanging it on the wall. Take note that the dynamics fabric is an excellent place for your logo. Enjoy music in the unique design!

BOOSE Sound Amplifier
This gadget is simple as everything ingenious: put your telephone on the top of it and enjoy the purity of sound! No wires or synchronization! The device fitting into the palm amplifies the sound many times, is compatible with any Smartphones and does not need installation-specific settings.

Air Beats wireless Media-Centre
This small box will help your iPhone or iPad or computer be connected to the loud speaker without a single wire. Just start playing the audio file in your gadget and press AirPlay which will appear on the screen – people around will be able to enjoy the music.

Portable Loudspeakers May Easy and Red Apples
These two models of loudspeakers are favourite with trendy white collars. Besides the fact that they are easily connected to any Smartphone and effortlessly carried along, they are remarkable for their impeccable design.

Aroma-Radio with Zen Music Backlight

This gadget is one of the most functional souvenirs. It is connected to the iPhone, iPod, mp3-player; it emanates soft light and serves as an aroma lamp. Just imagine: you switch on subtle lounge music, light the aroma lamp, warm up patchouli oil – and the relaxing atmosphere is created in seconds with the help of one single device. It is a real catch for romantics!
As you can see there is a wide choice of devices, and any music lover will fancy getting one of these souvenirs. And taking into account that every other person is likely to be a music fan, the search of souvenirs gets much easier.
Let your co-workers and clients enjoy the fancied music with the benefit for yourselves – give them loudspeakers with your brand logo as a present!

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