How To Choose a Promo Souvenir? What Do People Use Most Often?

12.04.2014 If you are the owner of a business and you have chosen souvenir production as one of the tools for its promotion, be ready for surprises. The biggest of them will not be long in coming – a great choice of thousands items of products. Let us see how to select the right promo souvenir.
Firstly, you have to consider the budget you are allocating for souvenir products. Please do not waste your money on cheap throw-away stuff. If you cannot afford quality promo products cut their quantity. Or take time to find an open-handed supplier who will be able to provide you with quality goods for reasonable prices.
Do not save on quality. The souvenir will be your company’s visual advertising and reflection, that is why it is so important for it to serve as long as possible.
Make sure the selected souvenir is popular with several groups of customers at once. The more people are interested in the product, the more success your promo campaign will be. Besides, it is important to choose the souvenir which is not likely to be thrown away or left derelict on the shelf.
The list of most popular products is topped by USB flash memory cards, as almost all groups of customers use them quite frequently. It is nice to put your logo on them and give them away as promo souvenirs.
A flash memory card can be easily shaped and coloured to your liking, combined with some other serviceable item to make it even more functional. Do not restrict your imagination to traditional rectangular flash memory cards – express the character of your company via the souvenir. We will be happy to help you.
In our catalogue you will find unusual flash memory storages of different shapes and made of unusual materials: metal manikin-shaped ones, silicon ships and planes, ones made of wood or transparent acryl with LED lighting. They can be meant for a target audience or be given for professional holidays. And, for example, such stylish flash memory card as “British Music” made in the shape of a credit card and painted in the colours of the British flag will surely hit the taste of trendy young people.
To ensure the frequent use of your gift, it is nice to combine a few functions in one compact souvenir. We, for instance, considered it a good idea to combine flash memory cards with pens, laser pointer, bracelets, or make them look like toys. We have also found most charming USB aroma-devices which can be plugged in a computer and create a romantic atmosphere in seconds.
If your customer is an adventure traveller or an adherer of active lifestyle, he will be happy to receive a thermo flask or a thermo bag as a present. Any traveller will appreciate a pocket world map on which he can mark his itinerary. Such souvenir is unlikely to be thrown away or re-gifted to an acquaintance, and at the same it is ideal for your logo printing.
Western promo production specialists recommend putting the maximum information about your company on souvenirs. It will be great to add your company logo, and also the telephone number, or your company web site address onto the souvenir.
Do not forget to choose the right colouring. It is important to make a promo-product bright and at the same time matching your brand colours.
The hit gift lists are steadily topped by gadgets. It is not difficult to keep up with the times, as the variety of choice of gadgets ready to become presents is really impressive. In our catalogue there are hundreds of amazing gadgets, which we have selected ourselves. Each of them has an important characteristic – it is of service for its owner. Portable power banks for Smartphones, vibro loud speakers, solar batteries, projectors and many other products people will gladly use. The main thing is to select an appropriate gadget and give it to a person interested in it and, of course, to print your logo.
Various accessories for iPhones enjoy great popularity. And, as practice shows, they are never redundant and give new experience to its owner. We mean the souvenirs we were happy to include in our catalogue as soon as we discovered them. Now we will tell you about them – they are fantastic!
Emergency Battery Charger – is a supplementary pocket battery charger for the iPhone that can be charged beforehand and carried along in the pocket as it is very compact. This thing will accompany you in business trips, sightseeing tours, picnics, and will be useful in the crazy rhythm of a big city.
Card Holder – is a stylish and useful case that is fixed to the back phone panel and is used for storing cards, earphones and other little things. Now all the things you tucked away in the pockets and then tried to find them in a hurry can easily fit into one case and – into your palm.
Mini-Projector – is a tiny device capable to turn an iPhone into a portable cinema! Just connect it to a Smartphone with the help of a cable – and an image from the screen will be projected on the wall: bright, clear and absolutely amazing.
We are always upon the look for new unusual souvenirs that are able to please and impress our clients. And soon we are going to surprise you with another portion of incredible gadgets.
If you are in two minds what souvenir to choose and how to frame it up, turn to us, and our souvenirs will become the quality advertising for your business.

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