How Can Promo Souvenirs Help Develop a Business? World Giants’ Experience.

14.04.2014 Do you want to attract new clients? There is a variety of tools for company promotion. The leader of top effective ones is promo souvenirs.

Judge for yourselves. According to PPAI Research, unlike television advertising, 83% of people enjoy receiving and using promo-materials.

It is simple – if souvenirs are rightly chosen for their target audience, people will use them for years and every time they will see the logo of your company. Whilst a TV commercial will be forgotten the next day.
It is no coincidence that hundreds of world brands constantly use promo-materials for promoting their goods and services. Let us have a look at business giants’ experience.

General Motors

General Motors Company produces cars, trucks and motorbikes under the following brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab and Saturn. You are pretty likely to have heard of a few of them.
How much do you think these business giants spend on the visual presence of their brand? The sum amounts to 80 million dollars!

One of the brightest promo actions was the presentation of a new Buick. The marketing analysts then came up with the idea of combining speed with music and they made a good shot. Everybody who took part in the test drive got a CD with hit songs of those times as a present. The CD had the General Motors logo on it. Simple and ingenious.

Many remembered the advertising campaign of General Motors and Warner Bros.

In the endorsement of minivan Chevy Venture every customer got a pair of branded headphones (the minivan was equipped with video system), joy pads, and also a few interactive presents.
In the first example as well as in the second, people will use the received souvenirs regularly and think kindly of those who gave them.


PepsiCo Inc. is one of the most known producers of non-alcoholic drinks in the world. You will be amazed at the fact that PepsiCo spends 52.6 million dollars annually on souvenir production.

PepsiCo representative, Dave Chico, notes: “Different types of products are targeted at different types of customers. However, the visual presence of the brand plays an important part in a company’s development”. The wise Chico is sure to know what he is saying.

Since 1996 PepsiCo has been delighting their customers with their souvenir products. With the Internet development the company constantly organizes action-quests, in which customers are to fulfill tasks or to find special codes under bottle caps to get a prize. Be understood, all the presents are marked with the brand logo.
Pepsi promo-souvenirs take part in a large-scale marketing campaign and even marketing war with its well-known rival Coca-Cola. For example, in 2013 during the Universiade PepsiCo appeared in the Kazan city with the inscription in Tatar – “КАЗАН, БЕЗБЕРГӘ” (“Kazan, we are together”). During the action empty Pepsi cans were exchanged for promo-T-shirts.

There was nothing particularly special, if it had not been for the competing Coca-Cola who had made it on time and had handed out 20 000 badges with their logo to the local youth.

By the way, Coca-Cola is taking a very active part in spreading its brand name with the help of most extraordinary information media.

There is a Coca-Cola souvenir shop in the main street in Las-Vegas called Coca-Cola Store. Here you can buy T-shirts, baseball caps, glasses, pens and even socks with the brand mark of the legendary drink.

As for promo actions, Coca-Cola organized a contest on the occasion of the Winter Olympic Games. The participants of the promo action were to collect points and exchange them for prizes – glasses with Coca-Cola logo and Sochi 2014 emblem.


Intel is a worldwide known producer of PC hardware. And do you know that yearly Intel spends 44.7 million dollars on their branded souvenir products?

It is true that Intel invests large amounts in manufacturing promo-materials for staying afloat and retaining customers. This is also confirmed by John Travis, Advertising Department Head.

It all started with TV advertising campaign in 1997 when Intel began actively demonstrating its logo and slogan “Intel Inside”.

Nowadays Intel regularly issues a variety of promo-materials and is one of the most recognizable brands of the Silicon Valley.

The company, as well as Coca-Cola, has its own internet shop where it is possible to buy branded products. And not all available souvenirs are directly connected with computers.

Besides standard T-shirts, caps and umbrellas, in the collection of Intel-branded souvenir goods there exist pace counters, thermo flasks and other useful devices, which people use with great pleasure.

You will be surprised to know that one of the most popular products is a toy robot with the Intel logo on his suit.
And people are ready to pay for such souvenirs, as they are quality-made and meet customers’ expectations.
And What Can We Offer?

According to different surveys, Russian companies do not forget about promo-gifts either. There are more than 60% of such companies. The bigger the company is the more generous presents it gives out to the co-workers, partners, journalists and clients.

The leaders of top business gifts is alcohol and products associated with it (more than 70%), then come stationary supplies (69%) and sweets (68%).

All-in-all analysts estimate the Russian souvenir market at 650 million dollars. Around 20% of organizations spend more than 250 thousand roubles on gifts and souvenirs for partners and clients; 40% of companies spend from 100 to 250 thousand roubles.

But often it is not the amount of money spent which turns out to be the key success factor, as it might be assumed, but carefully chosen souvenirs – striking, practical and relevant for a certain event or group of people.
“To win the hearts of grown-ups, first you have to win the hearts of their children”, was once decided in Megafon Company. And they came up with a socially beneficial promo-action “Cross at green!” At the beginning of the school year young girls in the streets dressed in traffic controller uniforms handed out leaflets with Traffic Regulations and flickers in Megafon corporate colours. The children fixed the souvenirs to their school bags on the spot, as they could show off the flicker in the shape of a funny animal before the classmates. In the meantime a strong association formed in their parents’ minds: Megafon means care and safety. The result was a significant increase of loyalty for the brand. Handsome is the approach, is it not?

How to select the right souvenirs that will work for you? We will write more about it in our blog.
We wish you success and nice gifts!

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