Brox Collection – What can be done with an ordinary flash memory card?


A flash memory card is one of the most popular promo products. According to the statistics, 46% of companies hand out exactly flash memory cards as souvenirs. This is easily explained – all computer owners use this kind of data storage.
But what can distinguish your company from competitors if you choose a flash card as a souvenir? There is a way out. Choose flash storages of unusual format. Such presents will work for you with 100% return.
Let us see how the things stand at the flash card market and how you can amaze your clients.
First of all, you have to bear in mind that everybody has flash memory cards. If you plan to be remembered with a boring plastic flash card – it will not work. Just relax and let the souvenir reflect the essence of your company, amuse your client and become indispensable for him. And do not begrudge buying capacious flash cards with capacity from 16 GB and more. Nobody wants now low profile 4 GB.
Flash card market is developing rapidly – and it gives us ample scope to tirelessly amaze our clients. There already exist high speed flash cards with lifetime warranty. The exchange rate of such devices reaches 200 MB a second. Is it not an ideal promo souvenir?
A nice idea is multifunctional flash cards. Some of them are very popular now, for example – flash cards-pens, pendants, key-holders; flash cards combined with flashlights, jack knives, bracelets, pocket mirrors, cap lifters and even finger print scanners! Even an unusually shaped flash card can become good advertising for you.
On your order for the promo campaign we will find a most unusual model of a flash memory card, buy the required quantity, print your logo and deliver to the edge of the world. Have a look at what we have already found for you.

Flash memory “Credit card”
An individually designed flash card is an excellent option of a promo souvenir for your customers. Such flash card is sure to find its place in a wallet among credit cards and will be always close at hand for its owner.
And then you have no choice but to use its another advantage – its broad surface where you can put your logo, information about your company and which you can use for some striking design.
With the correct approach such flash memory card may become a souvenir and a business card as well to carry all the necessary information (for instance, about a commercial offer).

Aroma Flash Memory Card and Data Storage “Aroma-Lamp”
The aroma flash card is one of the most unusual models of flash memory storage. This souvenir is a tiny device for personal aroma therapy that can be used at home and in the office.
It operates simply: connected to a computer via USB-port the gadget starts working as a fragrance diffuser. The owner only has to decide what fragrance he prefers and add a few drops of the essential oil or a mixture of such oils into a tiny fount.
The rightly chosen fragrance can evoke appropriate emotions, especially if the souvenirs are topical. For example, cinnamon and pine leaves are unmistakably associated in people’s minds with festive and fabulous New Year, and raspberries and strawberries – with a warm sunny summer. There is a field for imagination here; you only have to take into account the situation, people and the unique features of your brand.

Flash Memory Card with Metal Protection
One more example of an off-beat flash memory card is a USB-storage in metal cover – it is austere, handsome and safe. A flash card in such framework looks smart and behaves the same way. The metal protects the body of the card and the information from damage.
Besides, on its metal surface it is convenient to print or even engrave the logo of the company. Such flash card will become a stylish promo gift and will demonstrate true quality.
These are only three variants of many possible. If you wish to make one of such flash memory cards your promo gift, we will select a perfect option for you. Or if you wish – we will design one especially for you.

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