Anti-Loss – the Best Gadget Not to Get Lost.

08.04.2014 Have you noticed that most necessary things keep vanishing during the day? Keys, telephones, earphones, gloves, wallets, an office pass – every single day some of all these things disappear in the depth of your bag or pocket. And you have to turn out pockets and fumble in the bag at a most inconvenient moment to locate the fugitive. Just a few years ago we could only wish lost objects could have sent us signals about their location on their own. Future is today.

Gadgets-locators will leave no one indifferent because they can find lost things. Be it a car at a parking lot or keys in a house. Incidentally some smart people have adapted it for children not to be lost in supermarkets. Easy and useful. But let us look into details – what this thing looks like and how it operates.
Locators can be of various types. Some of them work in symbiosis with a mobile application informing the owner of the position of the lost thing, others just send a sound or light signal in response to a whistle or other loud sound. Still others go together with a remote control that helps operate one or more locators.
We have tested all types of locators and selected the most convenient ones.
Vtag is a small appliance with an installed GPS detector. Its operation principle is simple: with the help of a special application the gadget communicates with the Smartphone and sets the signal about its geographical location. If you have lost something just start the application and see where Vtag and the thing to which it is attached are found at the moment.
How do you use Vtag? There are hundreds of options – you can attach a key holder to it, put it in a briefcase with some important documents or put it into your child’s bag and stay informed about his current location; you can also leave it in the car to find it quickly and easily at a parking lot. We liked the latest option best of all, as the underground car park near our office is always challenging our memory.
Besides, the iPhone application allows transmitting a sound signal onto Vtag. It will help you find the keys in the flat or an office locker.
Security Tag and SoniQ operate in the similar way: you attach them to an important item and next time it is lost, the locator will set a sound, light or vibrant signal on you command. Even if you stay 20 meters away from the object.
We like the idea of giving anti-loss gadgets as business souvenirs because they are suitable and handy for everybody and will surely be in demand. A nice design is only left to be developed. Do not get lost and do not lose our contact information!

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