Why you should contact us

You've probably already realized that finding a quality product and organizing all stages of a promotional campaign can be quite problematic. Often times quality, price or reliability of your counter-parties suffers.

As a company with several business lines, we appreciate the importance of a professionally executed solution. For this reason, we have gathered all the necessary components. Our greatest strengths in this regard are our human resources and expertise.

Brox production is a part of the brox group of companies and enjoys the benefits of a developed business: financial instruments; networks throughout Europe, Asia and the United States; and staff experienced in foreign trade, production, procurement, logistics and customs. Our people are working around the globe, which means that we can find and deliver goods from anywhere in the world for you.

The brox production team is comprised of experts in marketing, design, finance, logistics and quality control. Our staff works together in sync with your team, providing an effective promo campaign and meeting your deadlines.