How we work

A good promo-action consists of two equally important components: idea and its implementation. The brightest idea will not lead to success without its due realization. That is why we carefully plan all the stages of your project and you are always certain to get what you want and when you want.

  • Where do we get ideas?

We start our work with talking to you. And this is not only deciding on your needs, amount and budget. At this stage it is important to study the position of the brand on the market, the objective of the promo-action and its target audience. On the basis of this research our psychologists and marketing analysts conclude what promo-product will grab the attention of potential customers and will lead to sales increase.

Depending on the objective of the promo action we select possible souvenirs. Promotion, new client attraction, a separate action/activation….There can be a variety of goals. But only one solution is necessary – the most effective one. Our team of marketing analysts, designers and creators keep on studying market trends around the world. Visiting key exhibitions and show rooms in the USA, Asia and Europe they firstly think what could hit the taste of their clients. They collect ideas of the most useful and innovative products able to influence a potential customer at the tough moment of making a decision.

Our international experience and operation on the three continents enables us to develop promo-actions for Central Russia markets and regional markets, and also to run integrated campaigns in any country on any continent.

  • Design Development and Logo Printing

The souvenir is to reflect the essence of the company, its spirit and style. In the age of standardization it is important to make the gift stand out.

The right choice of the gift, its design, colour, the quality of the material and the properly printed logo – these are the details which make the idea complete.

Our designers develop the layout of the souvenir and prepare its 3D visualization. Only after you confirm the project, we launch the production.

  • Production and Quality Control.

We personally control the production of your souvenirs: we see to the whole lot to be invariably perfect quality.

The cooperation with Brox Production will save you a lot of trouble connected with selecting, producing and distributing corporate presents, souvenirs and promo-materials. Our representatives and buyers are usually present in the countries of manufacture and personally visit the producers to control the quality before shipment. Our representatives have rejected a few whole lots of the products due to their substandard quality; discrepancies between the test samples and the ultimate product in the lot; mismatching of the original Pantone and the actual printing.

The discipline in production guarantees that your order will be completed in time and without any faults.

  • Product Delivery to a Specified Point.

With us you go through the whole process of creating a souvenir – from the concept development to delivery. You always stay informed about the stage your product is undergoing at any moment. And you always stay calm as it is doing well at every stage.

Our services can offer you a convenient way of delivery: to your warehouse, to the point of sales, to the redemption centre or directly to your client. Always on the due date, to the appointed address and time.

And voila’ – you hand over a lovely souvenir with your logo to a potential client. Click! The bridge is built.

Imagine: on the beach your client takes out a wireless acoustic system, and his friends ask him incidentally where he has got such a device. And proud will be the reply “A partner’s gift!” Or, for example, your client in a far distance trip charges his phone with Powerbank, and his fellow-travellers are amazed and envious. Or your partner, celebrating the conclusion of another deal, treats the co-workers to whiskey chilled with special stones. And your logo is always there before the admiring eyes. Click!

Here is some dramatic statistics. According to the PPAI inquiry results, 73% of souvenir products are used at least once a week, and 45% of them are used every day, given that 55% of the promo gifts last over a year. This is your continuous advertising in which you invest only once.