Who we work for

Brox Production offers flexible cooperation terms and products that can interest the following companies:

  • Full cycle advertising agencies
  • BTL-agencies
  • Event agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Retailing and FMCG sector
  • Pharmacological companies and pharmacy chains
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Constructing and developing companies
  • Restaurant / Hotel business
  • Educational institutions
  • State-owned enterprise
  • Servicing companies
  • Medical institutions
  • Fitness clubs
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Car manufacturers and dealers
  • Shipping agents and logistics providers
  • Importers and exporters of finished goods and raw materials
  • Alcohol product importers
  • Telecommunication and IT companies
  • Recruiting agencies
  • Equipment suppliers and manufacturers

We provide:

  • A professional approach

Our experience does not mean we standardize solutions. Every project is unique.

  • Long lifetime of products

The reputation of the company depends on the quality of the product. It is crucial for the product to operate as long as possible.

  • Up-to-date design

Our designers enrich their experience and learning with ideas from key world exhibitions.

  • Continuous support

You are always up-to-date on the stage your order is undergoing at any moment.

  • Deadline management

This is an essential matter for us, because time is already more than money.

  • Reasonable prices

Our international offices provide beneficial manufacturing and delivery terms.

See for yourselves – leave an enquiry and we will get back to you during the working day (application form).