About us

What is brox production

If you want to:
  • Promote brands
  • Attract new customers
  • Create a positive image
  • Draw attention to your company

Brox production team will undertake the task from start to delivery.

We will:
  1. Interview you to understand you background and goals;
  2. Analyze your target audience and its needs;
  3. Develop a strategy, select relevant promo items for your prospective and current clients;
  4. Create mock designs;
  5. Bring the necessary items, quality control and implement production;
  6. Deliver to a specified point

Giveaway your iteams to a hundred potential customers, and 68 of them will come to you for purchase.

68% of potential clients return to the company, if promotional materials are properly selected says PPAI Research. It’s the rule of mutual exchange

However, we must remember that the cost of merchandise must not exceed 1-5% of your GP (Gross Profit).

It is easy to achieve this target, regardless of what your business is.

The secret of success is simple:
  • A reliable contractor;
  • The right promotion strategy;
  • Constant interaction with the customer.

Profit: Your customers receive a positive experience with the brand. Even those who are still contemplating working with you are already halfway to becoming full-fledged customers.